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Postby agarneau » Sat 26. Nov 2005, 20:49

Hi guys,

Fisrt of all I must congratulates androMDA's team for their outstanding work and support. AndroMDA is definitely a great tool but what you are dealing with here is a paradigm shift for an entire community and that unfortunately takes time and inevitably brings resistance. With MDA we are getting closer to a real engeneering discipline but the majority of IT specialists are just that, IT specialist and not engineers.

Senior programmers have worked hard to become top notch programmers and I have no doubt that they might feel threatened by a new way of building systems like MDA where coding is not so important anymore. I worked on a large MDA project and some of the staff were rather upset that their job has become no more than adding a few lines of code to what was generated. My guess is that MDA will be of interest mostly to new engineers and IT specialists whose careers will not depend entirely on their coding skills.

Also MDA should be easier to "sell" to CIO's and mangers as they will see more benefits to it than technical staff. Adding a few good case studies and some ROI figures targeted to mangaers on androMDA's web site could bring new attention to your projet from people who actually take part in the decision process of a company. I believe MDA will be brought to companies by management staff and not by technical staff.

Regarding what is going on at TSS, I do agree with Gary. Besides there are no ways to know what is going on under the hood over there.
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base tag in main-layout.jsp on Version 3.1

Postby prudence » Fri 2. Dec 2005, 05:44

Hi AndroMDA team, I appreciate your great work every day.

I thought I should report this issue.

Recently I switched my environment from 3.0 => 3.1,

Then I found my app doesn't work.

The problem was that, the links on my pages does not include its host/port in the "href" string.

Then I checked and found, the description of "base" tag had changed

on "layout/main-layout.jsp" among version 3.0 and 3.1.

I modified my main-layout.jsp as like version 3.0, It worked well.

I'm working with IE6/WinXP, I guessed this could be a reason, though.

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Postby wouter.zoons » Fri 2. Dec 2005, 09:55

why didn't you post this in the bpm4struts forum, there's a thread for it .. anyway, I'm waiting for feedback from Lee Greiner before applying the fix (I know how to do it, but there's one small detail I need clarification for)
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Postby prudence » Fri 2. Dec 2005, 10:17

Sorry for my taking a wrong track.

Thanks a lot, Anyway.
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